How we handle your data

Owned and managed by Fid Trust International Ltd (‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’), this website is trading as Fid Trust International Ltd. The privacy of our users is a priority to us. We understand that privacy is of high importance to you and as such, we always respect your private details.

We make use of our enquiry forms to collect personal information from you. This information is collected solely for the purpose of processing your request, offering you useful information about the commodity and for audit purposes. Only necessary information is requested from you and we always prioritize privacy. We obtain information lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. All information collected is safely guarded on our servers. Personal information privacy is paramount to us. However, there is no security system that can guarantee 100% security. Even though we will try our best to safe guard your personal information, Fid Trust International Ltd cannot guarantee 100% security on our sites neither can we guarantee that there will be no interception during its transmission over the Internet. We only ensure that industry standards to protecting personal information are strictly adhered to, both during and after transmission.

At intervals, Fid Trust International Ltd may send you what is referred to as a cookie. Cookies are messages delivered by a web-server to your browser which have the ability to store information on processes when using a particular site. The information obtained through this manner is anonymous and will not be retraced back to you personally. However, there is a possibility that your browser will notify you once the cookie is sent. This way, you can either accept it or decline.

For up-to-date information on our products and services, we may make use of e-mail or post to notify you and all our marketing messages and communications method will always offer a simple way of unsubscribing.

We will never share your information with a third party. We are not into sales of client lists, neither do we accept advertising, nor generate any outside revenue from the information you provided on our sites. However, in the case of underwriting and fraud prevention, we may exchange this information only with approved organisations. Your information can only be released to a third party if it is required for the performance of any agreement between us, permitted by you or mandated by the law.
Your calls to us may be monitored and recorded in other to enable us improve our services and provide extra security.

You have the power to request for a duplicate of every information we have on you (a small administrative cost may be charged) and to have any errors corrected.

Misrepresentation Act 1967: The details on this website are assumed to be authentic but cannot be 100% guaranteed. Any liability, be it from negligence or otherwise, for losses of any sort arising from the utilisation of this site is hereby excluded.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are used on this site. By making use of our website, it is assumed that you permit the use of the cookies listed below. If you desire to use our site with cookies disabled, kindly visit:

What are cookies?

Cookies are minute files that websites use to spot and track users. They are kept on the user’s device by a web server and will stay there until its expiration or till they are deleted. Almost all if not all websites make use of cookies. Cookies enable websites to remember a user and without them it becomes impossible to attain the standard of communication that internet consumers presume. Cookies are used for several purposes like remembering that you already logged into a website or monitoring hits to a website.

What cookies does this site use?

We make use of the subsequent Google Analytics cookies. This allows us to observe and enhance the performance of our site and boost user experience.
Cookie Name Cookie Description Cookie Expiration Performance
__utma This is a Google Analytics cookie which monitors the number of times you visit this site. It also monitors the time of the initial, previous and present visit. 2 years Performance
__utmb This is the Google Analytics cookie that monitors your navigation on this website per session. 30 mins Performance
__utmc This is Google Analytics cookie is used for backwards compatibility. Session Performance
__utmd This is a Google Analytics cookie that monitors how you got to our site. 6 months Performance
Do these cookies permit us to spy on you?

The answer to this is no. They just allow us monitor user movement on our website. These cookies don’t comprise any personal data or anything that may be used to detect you.
How do I delete these cookies?

For more information on how to erase and restrict cookies, visit