Essental £50.00 + VAT

What's included


Our Essental company formation package at £50.00 plus VAT provides a full set of digital company documents (PDF) by email.

Consider this if…
You are working on a budget and would like to set up a limited trading company quickly and easily.

Please note this package does not include a registered office, therefore you would have to supply your own registered office address which will be put on public record and displayed at the foot of your company stationery and website.

Annual renewal costs
There are no renewal costs associated with this package.


  • Email Copy of Company Register with First Entries
  • Email Copy of Company Certificate
  • Email Copy of Memorandum
  • Email Copy of Articles of Association
  • Emai Copy of Share Certificates
  • Email Copy of Company Register with First Entries

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I purchase the Essental Package?
It includes everything you need to get your new company ready to trade today.
Your company will usually be registered with Companies House within 3 to 6 working hours. We will email your digital company documents immediately thereafter.

How many shares do I need to issue?
A private limited company is required to issue a minimum of one share upon company formation. There is no upper limit to the number of shares which can be issued.
Many companies choose to issue 100 shares. This keeps things simple, as 1 share represents a 1% ownership portion of the business.

What is a limited company?
A limited by shares company is run by directors and owned by shareholders. It is a legal structure used by the majority of for-profit companies.
Its popularity is largely due to the owners’ personal finances being protected by limited liability. All limited companies must be registered with Companies House.

How many people do I need to form a company?
You can form a limited company with just one person. A company must have at least one director and one shareholder, but the same person can assume both roles.
You may also choose to appoint a company secretary, but this is optional.