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Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT will be charged automatically at the standard rate of 17.5% at the checkout.


As our services are provided in the UK for UK companies, VAT will apply to all of our services.

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Value Added Tax (VAT) Returns

  VAT Returns UK and EU Value Added Tax (VAT) Returns Price: Order Online:


VAT Returns (Long-Term Contract)


There are a large number of regulations, including Repayments of VAT to overseas traders, Refunds of VAT in the European Community for EC and non-EC businesses, monthly updates, VAT is not due on the importation of goods into a free zone and so many others but penalties for inaccurate returns are so heavy that not one professional accountant will recommend an untrained person to take a responsibility for completing VAT Returns. This is why F.T.I. Bookkeeping Services Limited (as part of the FID Trust International) is a special unit for maintaining of accounting records which can maintain the necessary papers and register documents on VAT Returns that will help you with your obligations.


The package includes:

  1. On time documented VAT Returns
  2. VAT administration and planning
  3. VAT reconciliation
  4. VAT control
  5. Representation in tribunals and negotiation with Custom & Excise
  6. Preparing of annual Statutory Accountants will cost you much less as all VAT transactions will have been entered into accounting day-books.
  7. All new accounts will be filed according to the requirements of your business.
Date of performance: Every 3 months (quarterly).


Please choose the most suitable for your business plan below:


1. VAT Returns (Starter - up to 20 transactions p/q) 75.00 (VAT + 13.13) p/quarter
2. VAT Returns (Advanced - up to 40 transactions p/q) 140.00 (VAT + 24.50) p/quarter
3. VAT Returns (Customised)

This type of service requires additional information, before we can give you a quotation.

Please Contact Us  


From us you will:

  1. Always get your claims in time,
  2. Because all VAT transactions are already on our data, your accounting bill will be less,
  3. Have your paperwork done for all new accounts which your business will require.


FTI practically accepts all credit cards / debit, including most European cards.


Payments are also accepted via fax, phone and E-mail. If you would like to pay via fax, phone or E-mail then click on Contact Us and send our support team an email telling them what you would like to do.


Tel: + 44 (0) 207 993 2959

Fax: + 44 (0) 207 439 3900

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